This morning we woke up to a fantastic article a story about the bigger things ahead after graduation. I remember being 21 and constantly wondering why I was pursuing post-secondary education. What were the merits? Would I get a job? Would the job be better than one I would get with just my high school education?

Its always been our opinion that we need to make a bigger step towards integrating students into the workforce. Co-op education is a great way for students to test the waters in their desired field, the problem is that most universities don’t offer such programs.

Many international students don’t realize they can work up to 20 hours a week off-campus while they are enrolled full-time in a Canadian institution. The Canadian government want international students to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. There’s more to studying abroad then getting to know the people in your residence and the decor in the library. Networking and life skills are valuable when looking for your first full-time post-graduation job. If you think you might want to work in a service related field as an accountant or lawyer why not try to find a job at a call-center using your native mother tongue. It might not be obvious now, but listening is an important life skill. Its never too early to start thinking about your resume, building on your experiences and gaining more expertise and skills!

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  1. Nitin purohit says:

    HI Sir…i’m nitin from rajasthan,india..!!! i’ll getting an addmission in University of new brunswick,canada through an agent…!! according to my agent my classes are starts in sepetember….can you please Tell me about the worth of that university and about its placement….and the whole expenses in canada for two years…!!!! please Help me sir….!!!

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