I just wanted to thank you for such a smooth process this past weekend. Everything was delivered on time, and the fellow who delivered our boxes was extremely efficient, nice and professional. All that to say, thanks for the great service!! It was very much appreciated!!
— Lynn B. (Mother of a student at the University of Toronto).

To the Store Your Dorm team: thank you so much for your great service!
From dropping off the boxes, moving, storing and moving things back,
everything went well and smoothly! I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for movers! It is simple, straightforward and very professional! Thanks again!
— Fabien B. (York University Glendon Campus).

I got my boxes yesterday safely. Please allow me to thank you for such a great service. I will definitely use you guys again.
— Maggie T. (Algonquin College).

Trust me when I say I’ll be preaching good things about you guys for years to come! Thanks for all your help and organization, it was more than I could wish for. Not to mention fast, efficient and friendly service!
— Liaan M. (University of Toronto).

I am impressed that you understand the lives of students so well =)
Thank you for everything and for being so kind.
— SJ Lee. (University of Western Ontario).

I’m so glad you have this service. It is especially useful for people who live overseas and don’t know Canada well or have family here. I am very impressed with the efficiency of your service. Thanks a million.
— Gayle M. (Mother of a student at the University of Waterloo).

I found this service to be useful and affordable, and completely user-friendly. The staff are great and are ready to work around your schedule. Its a great alternative to selling your stuff or blocking someone’s hallway for the summer!
— Nadia L. (University of Toronto)

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! In a nutshell, thats all I can say! As an international student here in canada, I am not here during the summer times and so I have nowhere to “store my dorm”! when I found out about this service, I was ecstatic! The price landed well in my budget, and the convenience of them picking up my things for me, was fabulous! I wish I had known about store your dorm in my first year… I literally had to sell/throw out all the stuff I had accumulated along the year because I could not take it home with me! If I was to recommend this service to anyone, I would recommend this service to EVERYONE! A great idea backed with great service!!!
— Syreeta G. (Ryerson University)

The best Moving experience I have ever had! Easy, Efficient and not to mention friendly.
— Kinika S. (York University Keele Campus)

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