Its probably obvious at this point that all of us at Campus Servus are passionate about promoting Canadian education. Its always been our belief that Canadian universities and colleges should seek ways to attract top talent from around the world. International students bring a talented pool of labour to our economy and help students gain cross-cultural experience. But does Canada do enough to promote study abroad exchange programs?

We love this article we just read in the China Daily. While Chinese students have often come to Canada and other western countries to study, wouldn’t it be a fabulous opportunity for Canadians to go on exchange in cities throughout China? If only we were still studying…



2 Responses to Study Abroad Opportunities for Canadians

  1. Dhillon says:

    University of Windsor and St Clair College is a great place to study, with diverse courses and extensive graduate programs there is no reason why you wouldnt make Windsor, ON your home. A skip away from the Detroit skylines the area is diverse and steep in history!

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