Student Shipping

If you want to bring things in to Canada there are three methods

1. Bring the items with you and declare them as personal items.
2. Ship your goods ahead of your arrival.
3. Ship your goods to us and let us deliver them to you once you arrive in Canada.

Each of these can be quite complex and costly. An alternative solution is to use Dorm Essentials. Dorm Essentials lets you order all of the things you might need at the start of school and these are delivered to your residence when you arrive.

1. Bringing personal items with you

When entering Canada to study, you can temporarily import your personal and household goods (such as furniture, tableware, silverware, appliances and motor vehicles) duty-and tax-free, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The goods cannot be used by a resident of Canada;
  • You are not permitted to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods in Canada; and
  • You must take all non-consumable items with you when you leave the country at the end of your temporary residence.
Before Arriving

Prior to their arrival in Canada, temporary residents (students) are advised to prepare two copies of a list (preferably typewritten) of all items to be imported temporarily, indicating the approximate value, make, model and serial number, where applicable.

Since jewellery is difficult to describe accurately, it is best to use the wording from your insurance policy or jeweller’s appraisal and to include photographs that have been dated and signed by the jeweller or a gemologist. This information makes it easier to identify the jewellery when you first enter Canada, and later if you return from a trip abroad with this jewellery. Where items have been used, such as clothing, we recommend placing a low value upon these items. In our experience, the higher the value of items the more complexity in getting your things into the country.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive in Canada, you should give your list of goods that are accompanying you to the border services officer at the first point of arrival in Canada. The border services officer may ask you to leave a security deposit for your goods, which will be refunded to you when you export the goods from Canada. Should this occur, the officer will issue a Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit, retain a copy and give you one for your records.

On arrival, you are required to provide adequate identification and proof of your status in Canada (i.e., documentation issued by CBSA/CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), such as your study permit).

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2. Ship your goods ahead of your arrival

The rules for shipping your goods into Canada unaccompanied are broadly similar to those outlined above.

You must have:

A) Itemized list of goods being shipped (3 copies)
B) Photocopy of your current passport including student Visa.
C) Power of Attorney for unaccompanied goods customs cleared by a third party
D) Letter of Acceptance from the University/College you will be attending

You will be asked to go to the Point of Entry of your goods to sign and clear the items through Canadian Customs.  Please keep in mind however, that many universities and colleges are NOT located near the point of entry for your goods and as such, there is often significant hassle (in the form of time, distance and transport) involved in clearing these items. The products sourced and delivered by Dorm Essentials helps to ease this burden and offer you greater convenience.

3. Ship your goods to us and have us deliver them to you on campus

For students already studying at Canadian high schools, universities and colleges you can ship your items to us, ahead of your arrival, and we will deliver them to you in residence on your move-in day.

This program was developed:

a) To assist international students studying at boarding schools across Canada, who upon high school graduation decide to study at Canadian post-secondary institutions.
b) To assist those students who are moving out-of-province to attend post-secondary institutions and who would otherwise be travelling with excess baggage.

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