To make students lives easier we provide a number of services which can be purchased in packages. Our most popular help with “Applying to University or College”, “Getting Visa and Travel Advice and Assistance” and help with “Life in Canada”.

Here are the details of our three most popular packages:

Applying to University or College

Help in preparing and submitting an application to College / University in English
Preparation of a Resume (CV).
Advice and assistance in the preparation of a covering letter
Help in the completion and submission of College / University application forms.
Assistance in collecting and presenting bank statements and supporting paperwork.
Applying for scholarships and bursaries.
Responding to offer letters.
Assistance in transferring money to Canada to pay fees

Visa and Travel Advice

Information covering visa application and immigration rules.
Assistance with completion of the paperwork in terms of English language and wording.
Support for visa interview
Support of visa renewal and assistance with completion of the paperwork in terms of English
Advice on and booking of international travel
Student Airport Pickup
Supply of an information and welcome pack (CityPak) on the city and university/college
Assistance with shipping your items to Canada
Assistance with purchasing goods in Canada before arriving

Life in Canada

Access the Campus Servus Telephone Helpline (24/7)
Enrolment in the Campus Servus email Q&A service. We answer emails within an hour.
Enrolment in the Campus Servus ‘essential papers’ database. We keep copies of your valuable papers.
Registering for healthcare cover, property insurance.
Opening a bank account
Getting a cellphone.
Help in getting part time work
Canadian life
Finding accommodation off campus
Contact line for parents and family

If you would like to purchase one of these packages or need further information please email or click here