At Campus Servus our business is understanding the needs of international students studying in and wanting to study in Canada. We work with universities and colleges across Canada to develop programs that aim at increasing internationalization on campus.

We work with universities and colleges in a wide range of activities. Here are a few examples:

University and College tours. We arrange for international students and families to visit Canada to view a range of Canadian institutions. Our role is to arrange the travel to Canada and all of the logistics within Canada. We work with universities and colleges to host the campus tours.

Pre-departure in-country sessions. We can host pre-departure information sessions in the main countries sending students to Canada to study. These sessions incorporate all of the basic information needed to ensure a smooth transition to studying in Canada. We currently have in-country partners in China and India and are extending our presence to add Brazil and Turkey in 2012. In other countries our Canadian based team host in-country sessions scheduled around the academic calendar.

International marketing and recruitment outreach. We work with Universities and Colleges in Canada and the US to ensure that communication with prospective students and parents during the recruitment and admissions process is effective. Using modern technologies, webcam, online chat, email Q&A sessions, we are able to keep active the contact between student (family) and the institution with the objective of raising the offer to acceptance ratio and increasing ROI.

Satellite campus student service assistance. We have responded to the growth in satellite campuses in Canada by offering a comprehensive package of international student services that allows satellite campuses to extend their services to more remote locations without a reduction in service level.

Student concierge programs. We offer a range of programs that extend the range of services normally offered to international students in order to increase the competitive attractiveness of particular schools and/or to address specific service issues.

If you are interested in finding out how Campus Servus can help your institution please contact our business development director (Darren Chadwick) at 1.416.319.3848 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you.

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